Ostinato Show Transmit Duration

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The Ostinato latency and jitter feature sends a timing tagged (TTAG) packet roughly every 5 seconds. While implementing the feature, I often had to keep track of the transmit duration to make sure that enough number of timing packets were sent out for the test case I was trying to verify.

Manually tracking time was doable, but not ideal - so I added Show running Transmit Duration as a future feature to work on.

The latency and jitter shipped as part of Ostinato v1.3.0. Last week I got around to implementing the show transmit duration feature for the next release. It shows not just the running transmit duration, but also the last transmit duration as well.

Here’s a short video preview of this feature -

Hope, you enjoyed that!

What do you think of this new feature? Let me know in the comments below!

Next up, timed transmit with auto-stop -

Timed Transmit

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