A bigger nudge to check the logs

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In Ostinato version 1.0, I added a Logs window to the UI so that errors/warnings could be notified to the user. Since most often the logs window is hidden behind a tab, I added a blinking error icon to the tab whenever there was an error or warning.

Easy to miss icon

But, there at the bottom there - that’s easy to miss.

With the upcoming Ostinato 1.1, you won’t -

It may seem like a small thing. But small things matter. They are not inconsequential. Not to someone who misses that tiny blinking icon and wastes time wondering why something is not working as expected.

This is one of the last bits that was planned for Ostinato v1.1 - I will now move on to doing pre-release testing followed by making the release and building the packages.

Stay tuned!

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