Distinguish field names for combo protocols

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A few days ago, Ostinato user João reached out on Twitter and requested for a way to distinguish between SVLAN and CVLAN fields for a VlanStack protocol when trying to configure the vlan field to vary across packets.

Feature Request

So I made some code changes for “combo” protocols such as VlanStack (SVLAN+VLAN), IPv4over4, IPv4over6 etc.

VlanStack fields

For cases such as IP 4over4, the prefix Outer/Inner is used instead.

IP4over4 fields

These changes will also reflect in the Packet View and Find & Replace as well.

Combo fields in packet view

Combo fields in Find & REplace

These changes will be part of the next Ostinato v1.3.

If something in Ostinato is troubling you or if you are missing a feature in Ostinato that would make you more effective, reach out via Twitter or the Forum and I’ll try to implement it.

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